Techbox Kiosks

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Techbox offers two varieties of kiosks:

Industry Kiosks

Unlike a regular vending machine, these kiosks operate with a pre-assigned and allocated fob key. No money changes hands at the transaction, but all transactions are recorded and all the data is collected. We invoice the business or centre at the end of the month for all the consumables dispensed. 

Designed for high volume, busy locations with many users, an industry kiosk provides your technicians, team members and operators with access to critical items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using their assigned fob key, your crew access tapes, batteries, Sharpies and storage media, if and when they need them.

Techbox fills and refills the kiosk at no cost, with no additional cost for the kiosk itself.

Many accounts or user groups can be billed from one location (with one or more kiosks) such as the inhouse AV company as well as the venue departments, such as Banquets, Setups, Maintenance, IT etc.

Fully itemised reporting is available for accountability purposes. Accounts are invoiced end of the month to every billing entity.

Retail Kiosks

Exhibition centre safety policies require exhibitors to wear hi-vis safety vests during set up and packdown when forklifts and boom lifts are in operation.

Our front of house 'tap and pay' Retail Kiosks provide a simple and trouble-free solution for exhibitors with single and twin pack safety vests available for purchase from our conveniently located kiosks around the centres.

There are many other items exhibitors discover they could do with during a setup, the tradeshow itself, and the packdown. Our Retail Kiosks are designed to help the exhibitors with all their last-minute and emergency trade show supply items, without leaving the centre, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


We offer test and tagged powerboards and power extensions cables, international power adaptors, mobile phone cables and power pods, packaging tape, safety knives, cloth tape, USB sticks and more.




Exhibitor Tax Invoice

If you require a tax invoice for any item purchased from a retail Techbox kiosk, please email for a prompt response. Please list the items, quantity, location and date along with your email footer.