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Gaffer Vs Duct Tape

Know the Difference: Gaffer Vs Duct Tape. Let’s once and for all settle the dispute: gaffer vs duct tape; what the difference? Tape is tape - I hear you say. Besides, who knows where to buy gaffer tape? If it gets the job done, all’s well, or is it? Not quite. If you are working in the audio-visual, TV production, or live events industries, the difference between gaffer tape and duct tape, which the casual observer may find insignificant, is important. Read more

Tape for Wires on Floor

We Have the Ideal Tape for Wires on Your Floor. As a popular interior design choice for both homes and offices, tiles and hardwood floors boast multiple desirable attributes. However, loose wires and cords can affect the safety of these floors if they run across the surface. An easy DIY solution to ensure the integrity and aesthetics of your flooring while organising your cables is installing tape for wires on your floor. Read more