Nashua Pack 24 Rolls MIXED

Mixed 24 roll box 357 Black / 357 White / 510 Matte



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18 X 357 Black / 4 X 357 White / 2 X 510 Matte Black
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18 X 357 Black / 6 X 357 White
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Nashua 357 is a cloth tape preferred by the military, waste disposal, construction, entertainment, band, film and location professionals.

  • secure cables and looms to concrete, carpet, timber and tiled floors
  • very aggressive natural rubber adhesive for long term adhesion to smooth and rough surfaces
  • light grey adhesive side
  • easily cut to length by hand for a straight crisp tear
  • originally developed for US military, naval and nuclear applications
  • main application in USA and Australia as a long-term air-conditioning duct tape and waste / asbestos disposal purposes
  • 357 became popular in Australia in 1970's and 1980's by touring band crews as the best tape to use on beer-soaked carpeted pub stages
  • polyethylene-coated rayon cloth backing with high tensile strength for difficult applications
  • tape thickness is 0.35mm
  • moisture, solvent and chemical resistant
  • residue usually left behind especially if laid over long time periods
  • difficult to pull up if exposed to the sun over several days with visible residue left behind
  • eucalyptus oil and/or isopropyl alcohol are recommended to clean 'gaffer goo'
  • available in three colours: black, white, silver
  • standard size 48mm width x 40-metre length

Nashua 510 is a matte cloth tape preferred by photographers, film, theatre and audio-visual professionals.

  • matte black finish for applications requiring no light reflection
  • natural rubber adhesive - medium adhesion
  • vinyl-coated cloth backing
  • clean remove - low residue
  • easily cut to length by hand for a straight crisp tear
  • available in one colour: black
  • standard size 48mm width x 27.5-metre length


Our Nashua Pack offers several combinations of  


  • Nashua 357 BLACK cloth tape 48mm 
  • Nashua 357 WHITE cloth tape 48mm
  • Nashua 510 MATTE BLACK cloth tape 48mm




Nashua 357 is also available in 72mm width x 40m length in BLACK only for the efficient and secure taping of up to three cables.



Nashua 357 tape has very high adhesion strength, will perform well on rough and uneven surfaces, resists moisture. It is recommended for challenging, abrasive situations where the tape MUST remain in place without excuses.



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