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TWO PerfectCue Kits in ONE case



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DSAN PerfectCue System Pair - 2 Button remote DSAN PerfectCue System Pair - 2 Button remote
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DSAN PerfectCue System Pair - 3 Botton remote DSAN PerfectCue System Pair - 3 Botton remote
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DSAN clickers, presenter remotes, cue lights are used by audio-visual professionals, keynote presenters, churches, touring operators, touring live event producers and convention centre technical teams.

  • DSAN PerfectCue is the original system, this is a twin kit
  • twin kit includes 2 x PerfectCue receivers, 2 x transmitters (choice)  2 x 1.8m USB-B to USB-A cables, 2 power supplies and medium-sized plastic case.
  • is very similar to the smaller DSAN PerfectCue Mini but with 4-pin XLR belt-pack intercom pass-through integration
  • apart from the above difference, the PerfectCue has the same RF performance and also connects two computers

The PerfectCue is the best clicker solution for presenters to advance their MS PowerPoint and Apple Keynote presentations in large auditoriums.

  • a wireless audio and video cueing system with direct connection to computers with visual cue light and sound
  • communication between the clicker transmitter and PerfectCue is solid at 90-metres
  • clickers and PerfectCue frequency are set at 433.92Mhz on 256 possible channels
  • for events/breakouts/streams/conferences with multiple systems, the channels can be changed using easy to access dip-switches
  • PerfectCue systems can operate in close proximity on different channels without interfering with one another

Increasingly AV professionals are using two cue lights for specific shows. One cue light positioned on stage near the presenter's transmitter to receive the RF signal and act as a confidence light for the presenter. The second cue light with computers at Ops is connected by Cat-5 or XLR cable. Only one cue light needs power. This twin kit has all the components for this approach.

  • one transmitter can control multiple cue lights
  • one cue light can be controlled by multiple transmitters
  • one cue light can control two computers in sync
  • one cue light can control additional cue lights (slaves) using Cat-5 or XLR cables
  • PerfectCue is compatible and may interconnect with other PerfectCues, PerfectCue Mini, 4-way USB PC extender or any other DSAN accessory units with Cat-5 or XLR cable

For connection of more than two computers, the DSAN 4-way-USB PC Extender should be considered.

  • local switch control - Forward (green), Back (red), Blank (amber), USB engaged /disengaged
  • light control - High, Low, Off
  • audio control - High, Low, Off
  • has 2 stereo minijack audio outputs (volume controllable) for use with headphones or cabled earbuds

Programming of transmitter cue light buttons and sounds on the receiver is possible using DSAN's free PrefectCue Programmer app

  • PerfectCue is a rigid upright unit
  • powered through a 5-volt USB-B connector or external 12-volt / 220-volt power supply
  • twin kit includes 2 x PerfectCue receivers, 2 x transmitters (choice)  2 x 1.8m USB-B to USB-A cables, 2 power supplies and medium-sized plastic case.
  • batteries not included, each transmitter/clicker requires 2 x CR2032 buttons, 1 x CR123 for each laser
  • DSAN offers a 12-month limited manufacturer's warranty


DSAN PerfectCue kit is available to purchase and ship quickly from Techbox Australia. Each twin kit includes two remote clicker transmitter, chosen from:

  • 2-button transmitter - Forward, Back
  • 3-button transmitter - Forward, Back, Green Laser Pointer
  • 4-button transmitter - Forward, Back, Green Laser Pointer, Blank Screen

** Please note the DSAN PerfectCue Twin Kit does NOT include batteries for clickers/lasers. Please add 2 x CR2032 twin packs and 2 x CR123 (for laser pointers) single packs to your cart **

For more detailed information, visit the DSAN website or call one of our friendly team on 1300 976 684.


Dsan Corporation is an innovative and established American brand based in New York State. Demanding presenters and industry users seeking solid, reliable, trouble-free performance will not be disappointed with the sturdy design and high build quality of DSAN equipment. 




Brand DSAN
Shipping Weight 7.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.500m
Shipping Height 0.180m
Shipping Length 0.360m
Shipping Cubic 0.032400000m3